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Talking Dictionary424. Sleeping With One Eye Open


424. He had the flu. He went to bed. Even under a heavy quilt, he was shivering. His wife, who normally slept in the other bedroom, decided to spend the night with him. He said, "Honey, I'm not dying. I just have a bug. It'll go away in a few days. If you sleep here, my snoring will keep you awake all night. Even worse, you might catch whatever I've got." She said, "I'm your wife. This is where I belong." The next morning, he thanked her for spending the night with him. She said, "Of course I spent the night with you. What if you had suddenly gotten worse in the middle of the night? What if you had suddenly needed an ambulance? I wouldn't have known if I had been sleeping elsewhere. I was here last night so I could be on guard. Last night I was your soldier." 2.1


424. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.