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Talking Dictionary373. Who Passed The Gas?


373. Luke entered the classroom. He saw one empty desk. It was the last desk in the far row next to the wall. He walked over to it and sat down. An old man was sitting in front of him. The teacher started talking. Luke started taking notes. The old man moved slightly in his seat. Moments later, Luke smelled something rotten. It was like a rotten egg. It was like sewer gas. It was a fart. The old man had farted. Luke almost gagged. Please let that be the last one, Luke prayed. It wasn't. The old man farted silently, and constantly, for 50 minutes. Luke tried to breathe through his mouth. Nearby students fanned the air. Class finally ended. Later, Luke told his wife about the gas attack. "Why didn't you just get up and leave?" his wife asked. He said, "Because then people would think it was me!" 1.6


373. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.