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Talking Dictionary374. A Blankety‐Blank CD


374. Lorna needed some blank CDs. At Staples, she found a Memorex 25‐pack for $10. The Memorex label said "Cool Colors." An illustration of a yellow disc and an orange disc was on the label. That's cool, Lorna thought. She bought the Cool Colors and went home. She opened the pack. The entire label side of the top disc was yellow. She copied audio from her computer to five yellow discs. She used a black Sharpie to write the audio contents on each disc. She took the sixth disc out of the pack. The entire label side was black. What's this, she wondered. How could she use her black Sharpie to write on a black label? There were five black discs in the pack. Lorna called the Sharpie 800 number and explained her problem. "I'm sorry, but we don't make a white Sharpie for CDs," said the representative. "Maybe Memorex does!" 3.7


374. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.