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Talking Dictionary363. The Whiny Voter


363. He was at CUNY on Fifth Avenue. It was the presidential election. Would Obama win again? Eight volunteers were inside a small room downstairs. He showed a volunteer his driver license. She couldn't find his name on her list of registered voters. She sent him to another volunteer. His name wasn't on her list either. She gave him an affidavit and a ballot. While he was filling out the affidavit, the woman behind him was complaining loudly. She said, "Why can't you find my name? You people couldn't find my name last time either. I'm a registered voter. There must be another list. Have you checked ALL the lists? Why do I have to go through this every time?" Hurricane Sandy had just destroyed thousands of area homes. Newly homeless families were sleeping in shelters. This woman is crying, he thought, just because she has to fill out an affidavit. 4.5


363. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.