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Talking Dictionary364. Survivor Is 500 Years Old


364. On an uncharted island, a scholar was trying to find Amelia Earhart. Instead, she found Pablo. He was skinny and naked. His white hair and beard dragged along the ground. She started asking questions. "How'd you get here? How long have you been here?" Pablo said he'd jumped ship when he saw this island. He was tired of being at sea. He was tired of listening to his crewmates. He was especially tired of Ferdinand. "Ferdinand who?" she asked. "Ferdinand Magellan," said Pablo. "He is such a crazy man." She was astounded. Magellan and his crew were last in the Pacific about 1521. If Pablo was telling the truth, he was now over 500 years old ! She asked Pablo what he'd been eating all these years. Pablo dug into the wet soil. He showed her a handful of earthworms. "Just these," he said, as he offered her a live worm. 3.4


364. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.