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Talking Dictionary319. A Pain In The Ear


319. He dropped his glasses on the bathroom floor. They didn't break. They looked okay. A few days later, his right ear started hurting. He took off his glasses. The pain stopped. He put the glasses back on. The pain came back. He went to an eyeglass store. He told the worker his problem. She adjusted the plastic temple for him. He put the glasses on. They felt okay. An hour later, his ear hurt again. The adjustment hadn't worked. He went to another eyeglass store. The worker adjusted his glasses. That adjustment didn't work either. His ear was killing him. He took his glasses off every ten minutes to get relief. At home one day, he boiled some water. He put the temple into the water. He bent the temple himself. He tried on the glasses. They felt okay. The next day, they still felt okay. His ear stopped hurting. 2.2


319. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.