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Talking Dictionary318. The Spirit Is Within You


318. The two spirits were talking. "I'm bored. Who shall we be today?" asked Booboo. Nono said, "Why don't you be Jack, and I'll be Jill?" Booboo agreed. They entered the minds of Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill were at a bar, drinking a beer. They always drank one beer after work. Then they always went home. They finished their beers. "Let's have another," Jack said. Jill agreed. They finished two more beers. "Let's have another," said Jill. Jack agreed. They drank five beers each before they left the bar. They were laughing and talking loudly on the subway home. A man said, "Quiet down!" Jack said, "Do you want to fight?" Jill said, "Yeah. Do you want to fight?" The man went back to his book. The next day, Jill asked, "Why did we drink so much last night? Why did we challenge that guy? That's not like us!" 0.5


318. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.