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Talking Dictionary299. Don't Cut In Line


299. She was in Staples. She told the clerk behind the counter, "I need to order some Pilot red gel pens. You never have them in stock." Pointing, he said, "Okay, just go over to that computer. You can order them there." She said, "Please help me. I don't want to make any mistakes." He left the register. He met her over at the computer. He typed in all the information. He finished ordering the pens for her. He went back behind the counter to his register. She followed. She walked directly to his register. Four people were in line at another register. One man said, "Excuse me, miss. The line is over here." She said, "I'm sorry. I was here already. You can ask him." The clerk said, "Sir, she's not cutting in line." She said, "But thank you for saying something. Every line needs a security guard like you." 2.9


299. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.