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Talking Dictionary300. The Uppity Renter


300. Bev was looking for an apartment to rent. Andy had asked Patty, "Will you please help me out? Show Bev some apartments. I'll split my commission with you." Patty agreed. She met Bev near Battery Park. Patty said hello. Bev was snooty. She said, "So, you're Andy's little helper." Patty wasn't Andy's helper. In fact, she was Andy's senior. But she didn't correct Bev. They started walking to an apartment building. Patty said, "So, you work at Citigroup?" She was just making small talk. Bev said, "Where I work is not your concern. You are here just to show me apartments. If you can't remember that, I'll inform Andy." Patty stopped walking. Bev stopped too. Patty pulled out her cell phone. She called Andy. She said, "I'm downtown with Bev. You can show her these apartments yourself. I have better things to do." Bev heard every word. Patty walked off. 2.7


300. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.