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Talking Dictionary296. The Doctor Likes Face Time


296. Sandra went for her annual checkup. Her health insurance covered the entire cost. She didn't even have to pay a co‐pay. After the exam, her doctor said, "You seem to be in good health. We'll just wait for the blood test results." A week later, her doctor's secretary called. "Can you come in next week?" she asked. When Sandra came in, Dr. Blake said, "Your cholesterol's high. You should eat less meat and more fish." Several weeks later, Sandra got a bill for the second office visit. Sandra called the office. She said, "Why did you charge me for the second office visit? Dr. Blake talked to me for less than five minutes. She could've just called me. Why did I have to come into the office? That's not fair." The secretary said, "I'm sorry you feel that way. Call your insurance company. Maybe they'll adjust the bill for you." 2.9


296. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.