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Talking Dictionary295. The Blackberry Trackball


295. Stacy's Blackberry stopped working properly. The trackball wouldn't scroll up. She took her phone to the Verizon store. A worker said, "You need a new phone. We'll send you one. Then we'll transfer your contacts to it." Several days later, Stacy took her old and new Blackberrys to Verizon. A worker tried to transfer Stacy's contacts. None transferred. He tried again. This time, some contacts transferred. He tried again. This time, there were many duplicate contacts. "This isn't working," said Stacy. The worker said, "Go to Blackberry's website. Follow the instructions for backup and restore. That might work." That evening, Stacy spent two hours on her phone with a technician. But they weren't able to transfer her contacts. The next morning, Stacy returned to Verizon. She explained her problem to a worker. He said, "Let me try to clean the trackball." Minutes later, Stacy's old phone was working like new. 3.9


295. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.