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Talking Dictionary283. Quick And Easy Shopping


283. She walked into a NewBrands drugstore. She needed to buy batteries and toothpaste. She walked over to the Quick‐Find kiosk. She pressed the English Help button on the screen. The kiosk said, "Welcome to NewBrands. How may I help you?" She said, "I'm looking for Supercell AA batteries and Doublewhite toothpaste." The kiosk said, "One moment, please." A moment later, it produced a printout. She read the printout. It said, "Supercell AA batteries, first floor, aisle A, top shelf, $6 per 6‐pack. Doublewhite toothpaste, second floor, aisle B, bottom shelf, $3 per 8‐ounce tube." Below that were directions to each item. Below the directions was a detailed map. Three red circles were on the map. One circle said, "You are here." Another said, "Batteries." Another said, "Toothpaste." An arrow pointed north. The kiosk asked, "Is there anything else?" She said no. The kiosk said, "Thank you for shopping at NewBrands." 3.9


283. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.