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Talking Dictionary282. Why Kill A Child?


282. It was Evan's first time to walk alone to the school bus stop. The bus stop was a block from his home. It was next to a bodega. A bodega worker saw Evan. He offered Evan, 6, a soda. He led Evan down into the basement. He choked him to death. He put his body into a plastic bag. He put the bag on the sidewalk with other bags. Garbage workers put the bag into the garbage truck. Evan's body disappeared forever. The worker moved out of Manhattan. He got married and had a little girl. He told a relative he had killed a boy. The relative eventually told the police. The police questioned the worker. He confessed to the crime. After 30 years, Evan's parents finally learned what had happened to him. "Why did he kill our little boy? What did Evan ever do to him?" asked his mom. 3.6


282. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.