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Talking Dictionary278. A Perfect Game


278. One year of practice was all he needed. He practiced bowling for a year. Then he entered a pro tournament. He bowled three 300 games for a perfect 900 series. He did that six times against six competitors. He won the tournament. He practiced pitching a baseball for a year. He joined the New York Yankees. He pitched a perfect game against the Boston Red Sox. He struck out every batter on just three pitches. He practiced tennis for a year. He entered a pro tournament. Nobody could return his serves or volleys. He won the tournament. He practiced golf for a year. He qualified for the U.S. Open. He birdied all 72 holes in the U.S. Open. He won the Open by 70 strokes. He retired from all four sports. Asked why, he said, "I believe in giving back. I'm going to write a book called, 'Practice Makes Perfect'." 3.4


278. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.