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Talking Dictionary277. Bikers Breaking Rules


277. She said, "Let's do our school project about bikers breaking rules." He agreed. They took notepads to Union Square. They watched and waited. They put check marks next to each violation. After two hours, they went home. They counted their check marks. Forty‐five bikers went through red lights. Fifty bikers traveled against traffic. Twenty bikers rode on the sidewalk. Thirty bikers rode through crosswalks while pedestrians were using the crosswalks. Five bikers rode with no hands. Ten bikes had no bells. "We need to go out tonight," she said. "We need to count the bikes without headlights and taillights." He said, "I'm sure we'll see plenty. Too many riders think the city lights are bright enough. They think everyone can see them. But the biggest problem isn't even a rule violation. More than half the riders don't wear helmets. They don't appreciate how their skulls can crack like an eggshell." 3.5


277. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.