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Talking Dictionary260. A Million‐Dollar Son


260. She won the jackpot. Her lottery ticket was worth $32 million after taxes. She presented the ticket to lottery officials. They asked her to sign it. She was too nervous to sign it. She asked her son, 40, to sign it for her. He didn't sign her name to the ticket. He signed his name. He then collected the $32 million. He bought four houses for himself. He bought ten cars for himself. He bought his mom a new car. He moved her into one of his new houses. He gave her $125,000. He invested the rest of the millions in stocks. He said, "Mom doesn't know how to manage millions of dollars. I'm protecting her from herself. I'm protecting her from con artists." Mom said, "Shame on him! It's my money to spend as I like. I thought I raised him better than this. I'll see him in court." 2.9


260. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.