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Talking Dictionary259. Cats Attack, Hubby Snaps Away


259. Two "harmless" cheetahs attacked Hannah, a 60‐year‐old woman. She was posing with the cats in a game park. The cats didn't seem to mind. Park officials didn't mind. Her husband was taking pictures. A little girl was standing nearby. Suddenly, one cheetah attacked the little girl. Hannah tried to protect her. Both cheetahs turned on Hannah. They clawed her. One tried to put her head in its mouth. Her husband didn't try to save her. He continued to take pictures. Hannah played dead. Moments later, a park official arrived. He had a big stick. He used the stick to chase the cats away. An ambulance took Hannah to the hospital. Doctors treated her injuries. They released her. Her husband posted all the pictures online. A park official said, "We thought these cats were harmless. They had never attacked anyone before." Hannah forgave her husband. "He's old, you know," she said. 3.2


259. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.