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Talking Dictionary159. Can You Add Three Little Numbers?


159. He was bicycling west on Delancey Street. Traffic was moving fast. It was bumper to bumper. He turned south off Delancey Street. A couple of blocks later, he turned onto Grand Street. Traffic was also bumper to bumper, but it was barely moving. He came to a Chinese market. Fresh vegetables and fruits were on display outside. He parked his bicycle. He looked at all the different greens. He pointed to three different greens. He told the Chinese woman, "Two pounds of each, please." She put the greens into three red, plastic bags. She said, "$9.50." He said, "$9.50!? No, $8.50." The woman frowned. Her voice rose: "$9.50! $3, $3, $3.50—$9.50." He realized that she was right. He shook his head. I can't add three little numbers, he thought. He gave her $10. She offered him his change. He said, "Keep it." She smiled. She sweetly said thank you. 3.5


159. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.