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Talking Dictionary160. A Postcard And A Wedding


160. The postcard was a reminder to visit their granddaughter's online wedding site. It wasn't addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Gunnerson." Nor to "The Gunnersons." Simply to "Gunnerson." Andy's last name was Gunderson. He showed the postcard to his wife. He asked, "Has our granddaughter forgotten how to spell her mother's maiden name—not to mention her manners?" His wife said, "That's not her handwriting. I bet her fiancé wrote that. He was probably in a hurry." Andy said, "Being in a hurry is no excuse for bad manners. I've never even met this guy, but I think I already dislike him." His wife said, "Many people misspell Gunderson." Andy said, "Not family members. But even if I ignore the spelling, why didn't he bother to write 'Mr. and Mrs.'?" She said, "As I said, he was probably in a hurry." Andy snorted. He said, "More likely, he couldn't spell it." 4.4


160. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.