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Talking Dictionary112. Police! Open The Door!


112. Two policemen were walking past a house. They smelled marijuana smoke. Bob said, "Someone's breaking the law. Maybe it's a drug dealer!" They went to the front door. John rang the doorbell. Nobody answered. John rang it again. Nobody answered. Bob shouted, "Police! Open the door!" They pulled out their guns. Bob kicked the door in. They entered the house. Bob went straight to the bathroom. Nobody was there. John said, "In here." Bob walked into the bedroom. An old lady was smoking a joint. She was lying in bed. Her bedroom window was open. "You're under arrest," said Bob. She said she had cancer. Her voice was a whisper. Bob said, "Cancer is no excuse for breaking the law." She said they had broken into her house. They broke the law too. Bob said, "We're the police. It's okay for us to break into houses. Now get up, please." 2.0


112. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.