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Talking Dictionary113. It's Nice To Meet You—Not!


113. He was a new employee. He introduced himself to one of his new coworkers. She was looking at her computer screen. "Hello, my name is Don," he said. She looked at him. Her face was a blank. "I don't have time to say hello," she said. She went back to looking at her computer screen. Don stood still for a moment. Then he walked away. That was rude, he thought. No one has ever done that to me in my whole life. How long does it take to just say Hello?! He turned around to look at the woman again. I'll remember you, he thought. "Did I say Hello wrong?" he asked his supervisor later. He was half‐joking. "No," Bill said. "Sandra's a little paranoid. She thinks every new employee might be after her job. She treats them like the enemy." Well, that's certainly how I'll treat her, Don thought. 2.3


113. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.