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Talking Dictionary104. Take A Little Off The Back


104. Sally's hair was too long in the back. She went to a hair salon. Its haircut price was $55. She went to a few more salons. She found one that was only $30. She heard some hairdressers speaking a foreign language. She told a hairdresser what she wanted. "Short in the back," she said. "Short," the hairdresser repeated, nodding and smiling. Sally was tired. She slept while the hairdresser cut her hair. A while later, she heard, "Okay, finished. You like it?" Sally opened her eyes. She looked in the mirror. Her eyes got big. Her hair was short alright. It was short in the back. It was short in the front. It was short on top. It was short on the sides. She looked like a boy! She wanted to cry. She went home. Her husband loved it. "You look great," he said. "You'll love drying your hair now." 1.2


104. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.