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Talking Dictionary105. A Bridge No More (1)


105. Charlie went to Rockefeller Center at 8 a.m. Nobody was in line on the sidewalk. Nobody was in line inside. He was happy. He had beaten the crowds. He went to the ticket counter. He presented his CityPass booklet. It had cost him $79. It was good for the Statue of Liberty, two museums, the Empire State Building, and the "Top of the Rock" Observation Decks. He paid $2 for a view map. He took an empty elevator to the 67th floor. It was an open air deck, but glass "walls" surrounded it. They also prevented unhappy people from jumping onto the streets below. He took the escalator to the 69th floor deck. It also had glass. He walked up to the 70th floor deck. It had no glass. A jumper would land on the 69th floor deck. He looked north at Central Park. It is so green, he thought. 3.8


105. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.