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Talking Dictionary 1030. Moist Eyes On Father's Day


1030. Today is our second Father's Day—without you. We have the day, but not the father. We used to tease you, and you joked—but you hoped—that we were going to miss you when you weren't around anymore. We teased you about your daily Early Bird dinners. You pinched pennies to raise us, and continued pinching them even after all eight of us were gone and you were well off. We teased you about all the knick‐knacks you bought, and then brought home—partly, you said, because they were on sale, and partly because they were something for us to remember you by. Dad, we don't need a reminder! I told you once, Even if I had a choice of two dads—Hugh Hefner or you—I'd pick you. You laughed, and said that you'd pick Hef. Hef had one child. He was a poor man compared to you. 4.2


1030. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.