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Talking Dictionary 1029. Guru Wisdum


1029. In his dream, Bob changed the world by sharing a nugget of wisdom. The nugget came from the noggin of the world's highest guru. When Bob awoke, he explained his upcoming journey to his wife. He caught a plane to Nepal. Once there, he hired a guide. After taking Bob to a base camp, the guide pointed way, way up the mountainside. He said, "Gurujon lives up there. Good luck!" Three days later, Bob arrived atop the mountain. The guru was sitting on a snowy ledge. A small cave was behind him. The guru said, "Tea?" Bob said, "Sure!" Bob retold his dream. The guru happily shared his personal mantra, which he recited 10,000 times a day. Bob returned home. His wife said, "Okay, change my world!" Bob said, "Ready?—'It's always something.'" She laughed. "Everyone knows that." Bob said, "Of course. But was I going to tell him that?" 2.8


1029. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.