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Talking Dictionary77. Where Did The Mustard Go?


77. He shook the squeeze bottle of mustard. The lift‐top opened up. Did any mustard come out? He looked on the floor. He didn't see any mustard. He looked on the countertop. He didn't see any mustard. He squeezed mustard onto his two hot dogs. The next day he was in the kitchen again. He was standing in front of the microwave. He dropped a spoon on the floor. He picked it up. He noticed something. He saw a lot of dry mustard on the white cabinet door beneath the microwave. It was the mustard that he couldn't find yesterday. He wet a paper towel. He tried to wipe off the dry mustard. Most of it came off. But a yellow stain remained. He tried some dishwashing soap. He tried some all‐purpose cleaner. The yellow stain remained. All the cabinet doors were completely white except this one. It was mostly white. 2.5


77. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.