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Talking Dictionary76. Fingerprints On The Glass


76. Their waiter brought their meal. They dug in. "This is spicy!" Jerry said. He drank half his glass of water. Another waiter came by. He quickly reached across the table. He picked up Jerry's glass. He refilled it and put it back down. Jerry shook his head. "What's the matter?" Deb asked. Jerry said, "Did you see that? He reached all the way across the table. His hairy arm was above our food. Hair, sweat, and germs could have fallen into our food. He picked up my glass by the rim! He reached over our food again to put my glass back down. Now my glass has five filthy fingerprints on it. Who's going to drink out of that glass? You couldn't pay me to drink out of it." She said, "But this food's spicy. You need water!" She called a waiter over. She asked if they sold bottled water. 1.1


76. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.