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133. He pulled out a paper towel. He pulled out another paper towel. The towels were in the dispenser. The dispenser was in the men's room. The men's room was tiny. There was not much elbow room. He used the towels in his classroom. He cleaned the whiteboard with the towels. The towels worked well on the whiteboard. They cleaned better than the eraser. The towels were always clean. The eraser was always dirty. He looked at his watch. It was time for class. He had to hurry. He needed more towels. He grabbed a handful. They were stuck in the dispenser. He pulled hard. They remained stuck. He pulled harder. They all came out at once. But his hand had too much momentum. The side of his hand hit the sink. It hit the sink hard. His hand hurt. Had he broken a bone? He took the towels to class. 1.9


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