Dictionary 13. A Good Nose

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13. A: Some people have good noses.
B: I wish I had a good nose. Mine is way too big.
A: I don't mean good‐looking. I mean good‐smelling!
B: Oh. But that can be a curse.
A: Yes, because you can be too sensitive to odors.
B: I'll say. My girlfriend has a nose like a drug dog.
A: Did she catch you using drugs?
B: Sort of. She knows whenever I sneak a cigarette.
A: You don't need a good nose for that—cigarettes stink!
B: But when I sneak just one cigarette in the morning, she can smell it that evening!
A: Boy, that is a good nose!
B: I told her she should apply for a job at Customs. 0.8


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