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eslyes.com is my FREE site containing 1,600+ original stories, plus exercises and audio, for English learners and English lovers worldwide. Plus, links to both of my e‐books (only 99 cents!) containing 500 short stories each (see homepage for the various links to purchase these e‐books). All material on eslyes.com is Copyright Mike Carlson, All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution, or use of any or all material on eslyes.com is an infringement of copyright and will subject infringer to civil and/or criminal penalties.
I was an ESL instructor (BA English, MA Education) for 24 years in Pasadena, CA and Brooklyn, NY. I currently work part‐time as a proofreader. A Brooklyn resident, I ride the B and Q regularly and cross each NYC street warily.   —Mike Carlson, October 2017

      You know, we're all the same, and we're all different. We all have our pride, probably too much of it. We're all bullied at one time or another, yet bullies at other times. We all dislike liars and hypocrites, yet we all ARE liars and hypocrites. We've all done and said stupid or mean things, but also really nice things. We've all asked for forgiveness, but refused to forgive. We all have problems, especially regarding money, health, love, and happiness.
      So, I'm like you, and I'm not like you. I was born in Brooklyn, grew up in the South, and moved back here to Brooklyn after 30 years in Los Angeles. I was a low‐handicap golfer for years, and I'm twice divorced. I'm surviving in the big city. I play Mega regularly (or: stupidly), but when Mega went up to $2, as Powerball did, I "wised up"—and now play HALF as regularly. I love watching baseball and golf, and I enjoy reading different news apps and listening to various podcasts on my iPhone. When the weather is nice, I enjoy taking walks on Emmons Avenue, people‐watching as I pass the busy restaurants and the fishing boats.
      Every day, I'm thankful for three things: electricity, indoor plumbing, and soap.
      During a brief chat a while back, an elderly neighbor observed, "It's not easy being old." I said, "It wasn't easy being young, either." He nodded. Like many of us, he and I live day to day, enjoying the wonderful things that come with being alive, dealing with the usual small and unusual big problems, doing our best, and hoping for the best.
—Mike Carlson, December 2019

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