Dictionary 186. He Likes That Idea

186. He lived in a nursing home. "I don't have anything to do," he told the nurse. "Why don't you watch TV?" she asked. "I hate watching TV. TV is nothing but reruns," he said. "Why don't you play chess?" she asked. "I hate playing chess," he said. "I always lose." "Why don't you play cards?" she asked. "I hate playing cards. The others always cheat," he said. "Why don't you read a book?" she asked. "I hate reading books," he said. "They give me a headache." "Why don't you take a nice walk?" she asked. "I hate taking walks," he said. "It's always too hot outside." "Why don't you take a nap?" she asked. "That's a good idea," he said. "I like taking naps!" 0.6

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