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Talking Dictionary998. NYC: Swimming In (Free!) Franklins


998. The search goes on for a perpetual motion machine, but the NYC city council has found a perpetual money machine—the taxpayer. Its latest bill provides free tampons to females in public schools, homeless shelters, and jails. Said a council member, "We're here to help our residents, especially those in institutions and those hiding in the shadows. The comfortable middle class cries every time we offer something free to the poor, but the middle class has to realize that the more things that the poor get for free, the fewer things that the poor will try to steal from the middle class." In a related event, Hizzoner's wife urged NYers to apply for NYC's free taxpayer preparation services. She said, "These services will help people get their Earned Income Tax Credit and the NYC Child Care Tax Credit. This is free money and free help to get the free money." 9.6


998. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.