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Talking Dictionary997. Another Day, Another Cliché


997. Savanah said, "Daddy, we're studying clichés. I need some help." Dad said, "Sure, honey. Most teachers put down clichés, but teachers use them themselves. Everybody uses them. Clichés aren't fresh or new, but neither is a pair of old shoes. Clichés are popular because they're short and they make sense." Savanah said, "Well, this one's short: 'I'm all thumbs.' Is that like 'I'm all ears,' when your ears are 'extra big' because you're going to listen real hard? So, that means my thumbs are extra big because I'm going to—do what real hard?" Dad said, "That's easy. It means you're clumsy using your hands. You're always dropping things. Imagine having ten thumbs. Could you take piano lessons? Could you tie your shoes? All thumbs is all bad." Savanah said, "Not completely bad, Daddy. If you're all thumbs, you don't have to worry about working your fingers to the bone!" 3.6


997. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.