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Talking Dictionary996. Dad: Nobody Will Remember Me


996. Dad said, "I always hoped that one of you two boys would have a son, but neither of you did. So, no grandson for me. Nobody to carry on the name my father gave me. Our family line's just going to die out. Who's going to remember that my dad or I were even here?" His son Danny said, "I'm sorry, Dad. We both had kids, but they were girls. So, you have beautiful granddaughters. But as far as your memory and Grandpa's, you shouldn't worry about that. Even though you weren't rich or famous, you both were Mr. Everyman. Without dads like you throughout history, no culture would even exist today. Dads like you are the backbone of every society. You worked hard, you sacrificed, you loved and supported your wife and kids. We all owe you so much. Your legacy is not a grandson—it's an entire civilization." 4.4


996. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.