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Talking Dictionary991. Trump: "He Started It!"


991. The Unfair and Unbalanced TV interviewer said, "Can't you two just limit the personal attacks to each other?" Donald said, "Excuse me. He's the one who put a picture of my wife online. So, I put a picture of his wife online. Back at you! He started it; I finished it." The interviewer said, "Oh, yeah: 'he started it.' Said by every little kid the world over. You're a presidential candidate, for crying out loud." Donald said, "Oh, excuse me. Now you're dissing kids?! Be careful—they're your prospective viewers. What's wrong with sounding like a kid? I thought kids were our future! You've never, in your adult life, felt that someone else 'started it,' and that fact alone justified vengeance? You media people scrutinize everything I say and do so you can make me look bad, but you're the morons who always end up with egg on your face." 4.7


991. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.