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Talking Dictionary990. Free Diapers For City Tots


990. NYC is now providing free diapers for all. Announced a city council member, "This is just part of our care package to feed, educate, and clothe all our kids. Kids get free education, starting with pre‐K, till they graduate high school. Because kids can't learn anything while their stomachs are growling, they get free breakfast and lunch throughout the year, including summertime—even if they're not attending school. Some people ask why, but the reason is obvious: If we're feeding them for nine months, we might as well feed them for twelve. The diapers came about because children with no diapers, or dirty diapers, develop rashes and other symptoms that require parental or medical care, thus jeopardizing the child's health and possibly impacting their parents' work routine and income. So we're just being proactive. The same people ask, Who's paying for all this? The government—so don't worry about it." 8.6


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