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Talking Dictionary989. Terrorists Terrify Traveler


989. Amy said, "I'm so worried. They just blew up the airport and subway in Brussels. Before that, it was Beirut and Paris." Liam said, "Yeah, and Boston. They get around." She nodded. "Whenever I take the M34, I worry. I check out everyone onboard. If I see someone suspicious, I worry until I get to my stop. Then when I get off the bus, I watch it till it disappears. When it doesn't explode, I sigh with relief. I calm down, because I realize that I was being too paranoid. But also, I worry about you, because you ride the F train every day to Times Square—that's probably their next target. They've hit all those other cities. It's only a matter of time before they hit us." Liam said, "'Before' they hit us?! They've already hit us—twice!" Amy said, "Oh, yes. Well, that just makes me worry more." 3.4


989. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.