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Talking Dictionary988. Grown‐Ups Grab Adult Diapers


988. An adult diaper company was concerned that adults weren't breaking down doors to buy its product, so it hired an ad agency. Agency staff conferred. Rita said, "The problem is nobody wants to put a box of adult diapers into their shopping cart where complete strangers, including the cashier, will know their dirty little secret." Perpetua said, "Exactly. So, let's make the box brown and plain." Curt said, "No. A plain brown box suggests perversion." Rita said, "How about, instead of changing the packaging, we change the attitude? Make people proud to wear diapers!" High‐fives abounded. Their new ad campaign flooded TV and other media. Sparkly ads said, "Hey, I've got bladder leakage, but it's no big deal!" Seniors lapped it up. Before long, healthy adults started buying diapers just to make others think they had bladder leakage. Such purchases helped foster conversations—called, according to one senior, "diaper dialogs." 6.9


988. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.