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Talking Dictionary986. No Love At The Net


986. The director of a popular professional tennis tournament said, "Women players should get down on their knees every night and thank the Lord that they're able to ride the coattails of the men's tour and get prize money that they don't deserve. They're lucky they get any money, yet they're demanding equal prize money. That's like off‐Broadway actors demanding on‐Broadway money. That'll never happen. But because of all this equal rights talk infesting our country, these women think they have an equal right to the same prize money. Good luck with that. My advice to them is, if they really want equal prize money—play topless." Monica, a top tour professional, said, "What a sexist pig! Our tournaments are nearly always sold out. Women and men are big fans. We are role models for girls the world over. How dare he imply we're a mere shadow of the men's tour!" 6.3


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