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Talking Dictionary985. Princess Picks Her Prince


985. Kyla said, "Daddy, tell me a story." Daddy said, "Sure, honey. What would you like to hear?" She said, "Tell me a story about a beautiful princess." He said, "Okay. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. But she was unhappy, because she didn't know any handsome princes." Kyla said, "So she went online to a dating service?" Daddy said, "Have I told you this story already? You're right. She went to iHarmony, answered 5,000 questions, and found two princes. They were both handsome, and both wanted to marry her. She couldn't decide which one. So what do you think she did?" Kyla said, "I know! She went on a date to a crowded playground with each of them. Then she picked the prince who had the most fun with the kids, because she wanted to have kids, too!" Daddy said, "Next time, you tell me a story." 3.3


985. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.