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Talking Dictionary984. Manhattan Man Without A Plan


984. Roy said, "How can you vote for someone if you don't know their specific plans?" Pat said, "Well, Marco laid out all his plans. Can you name one?" Roy said, "No, he was too specific. Who can remember all those details?" Pat said, "And how about Bush the first? He was specific. He said, 'No new taxes!'" Roy said, "Well, they do lie sometimes. But that's beside the point. Trump hasn't been specific about one thing, except building a wall—which'll never happen." Pat said, "He's been specific about other things. He said he would appoint good, smart agency managers. I trust him on that. But, you're right; they're all full of promises they can't keep, like Obama in 2008. That honeymoon didn't last. I voted for Obama then, but now I'm voting for Trump. I know he's full of hot air, but to me, his hot air is refreshing." 3.3


984. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.