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Talking Dictionary980. What IS America All About?


980. Many Americans deride presidential candidate Donald Trump because "He's not what our country's all about." Well, what exactly is our country "all about"? Years ago, it was all about Mom, baseball, and apple pie. But maybe not. Maybe America—whose settlers murdered First Americans and enslaved Africans—has always been, or has always been becoming, a country of conservatives versus liberals, pro‐choice versus pro‐life, guns versus no guns, straights versus gays, rich versus poor, owners versus workers, Christians versus other Christians and non‐Christians, and neighbor versus neighbor. A country of free speech—if it doesn't offend anyone. A country of assassinations, lynchings, gerrymandering, riots, mass shootings, serial killers, liars, thieves, cheats, hypocrites, drunk drivers, prisoners, homeless, jobless, and corrupt politicians, officials, and businessmen. A country that bullies others. A country that breaks treaties and starts wars. The country that created ISIS. Maybe Trump is what this country is all about. 10.1


980. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.