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Talking Dictionary979. Vote With Your Organ


979. Howard, a radio talk show host, was opining about the presidential candidates. He dismissed Harry. Howard's cohost Gary asked, "What's wrong with Harry?" Howard said, "He's too short. A president represents America. We don't want some midget representing us. All the other leaders would look down on him. We'd get no respect." Then Howard dismissed Paul. "What's wrong with him?" Gary asked. Howard said, "Paul doesn't look presidential." Gary asked, "What does 'presidential' look like?" Howard said, "You know, tall, handsome, distinguished, a full head of hair, white. Sort of like the World's Most Interesting Man." Gary asked, "White hair or white man?" Howard said, "Both'd be okay." Howard took a phone call from high school senior Martha, who said, "If I could vote, I'd vote for Marco—he's so cute!" Howard said, "That's exactly why we don't let teens vote, honey—voting is about issues and economics, not hormones!" 4.7


979. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.