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Talking Dictionary 965. Boy To Meet His Bro—A Truck


965. Chuck said, "Tell me a story, Daddy." Dad said, "Sure. How about a truck story?" Chuck asked, "What's the truck's name?" Dad said, "The name on his birth certificate is Lucky Chucky Trucky." Chuck said, "Wow! Chucky, just like me." Dad said, "And guess what? Lucky Chucky Trucky was born in the same hospital as you, and on the same day." Chuck said, "He's my brother!" Dad said, "And guess what? You're going to meet him! Every year on his birthday, Lucky Chucky Trucky returns to the hospital to take sick kids on a ride around town. And because you're his birthday brother, you're going to sit behind the steering wheel!" Chuck said, "Oh boy! This'll be my best birthday ever!" Chuck ran to tell his mom the news. Later, Mom said, "That's some hole you just dug yourself." Dad said, "Yeah. I got carried away by my own story!" 2.4


965. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.