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Talking Dictionary 964. Foto Algo Turns Teens Off


964. Marlon said to his wife, "What do you think of this? I wrote an algorithm that shows teens what they're going to look like when they're 70. The algorithm is based on thousands of real‐life photographs of young people as they age. The teen takes a selfie, and my algorithm produces a 70‐year‐old selfie right next to it! It's a one‐dollar app. We'll be rich!" She said, "Honey, first of all, teens don't think that they're ever going to get old. Second, teens don't like to look at old people, whether it's strangers or themselves. Here's a better idea. Reverse your algorithm. Sell it to old folks. There's millions of old folks who don't have pictures of themselves as teens. I can see them all sitting around in the nursing home telling each other how handsome and beautiful they used to be. Your algorithm might even spark a few weddings." 4.7


964. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.