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Talking Dictionary 962. Cyclocross? More Like Double‐Cross


962. Officials disqualified Tonya, the winner of a cyclocross race, after discovering a motor hidden inside the hub of her bike's rear wheel. Using the motor helped her win by eleven seconds over Nancy, a close second. Nancy, a veteran cyclocross competitor and frequent winner, immediately called "Foul!" after learning that it was Tonya's first race ever. After disqualifying her, officials banned Tonya from the sport for life. She felt that the ban was unfair. "I work two jobs. I don't have time to train like Nancy, who's probably never worked a day in her life. Besides, I told them that I only used the motor on the uphill parts of the course. How about some credit for that? If I had wanted to, I could've run circles around the lot of them. I could've rubbed their faces in it. But I didn't. I kept it competitive; I showed them respect." 5.8


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