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Talking Dictionary 961. The Proof Is In The Grunting


961. Gracie was midway through her long story. "Then I told mom that the B train doesn't run on—are you listening?" Her husband George said, "Yes, dear." She continued, "On weekends. I told her that she'd have to take the Q—are you paying attention?" He said, "Yes, dear." She continued, "The Q to Kings Highway, and that—am I boring you?" He said, "No, but your questions about whether I'm listening to you are annoying me a little." She said, "Oh, really? Sorry. I just feel like I'm talking to a wall when someone doesn't seem to be paying attention." He said, "But I have been paying attention. Haven't you heard all my grunts?" She said, "Grunts don't cut it. If I want grunts, I can go to a pig farm! Besides, grunts don't mean you're listening to my words. They only mean that you're listening for my pauses." 3.0


961. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.