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Talking Dictionary 960. Lease Roulette—Black, Or Red?


960. Craig opened the envelope from his landlord. Whatever it is, it's probably no good, he thought. He was surprised. It was good. Then again, it was bad. He wasn't sure. It was a lease renewal form. It said that he could renew his lease for one year at $1,100 monthly, his current rent. Or, he could renew for two years at $1,122, a two‐percent increase. Of course I'll take the zero‐percent increase, he thought. But maybe there was a catch. He called the NYC Rental Guidelines Board. A rep explained, "The board allows landlords to charge different increases every year. Last year it was three percent for one year, and five percent for two years. It can vary considerably." Craig said, "I got it. The form's an opportunity to gamble. It's like that Clint Eastwood movie—Do you feel lucky, punk?" She agreed. Craig decided to lock in two percent. 4.0


960. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.