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Talking Dictionary 959. A. We're All Africans  B. Speak For Yourself


959. Cecil said, "Listen to this. Maybe Meryl Streep should stick to admiring her Oscars instead of acting like she's some kind of anthropologist. She said that we're all Africans, because all humans came from Africa originally. Come on! If that's true, then everyone in America is African‐American—so why are we having all these race problems? Her remarks made headlines all over the world, and social media went wild, of course." Oral said, "Of course?" Cecil said, "Of course. How could black people beget any people other than blacks? If you mix two cans of black paint together, what are you going to get—white paint? You're not going to get brown, red, or yellow, either. There's absolutely no way that non‐blacks would ever believe that their family tree began in Africa." Oral said, "You're right. For many people, the easiest way to handle the truth is to deny it." 6.1


959. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.