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Talking Dictionary 958. Lights Off? Gas Off? TV Off?


958. Jonah turned off his electronic timer and resumed his phone conversation. "That timer's a lifesaver. I'd already forgotten I was boiling water for coffee. Without my timer, the water might've boiled completely out of the pot. My memory's like yours. I don't know how many times I've gone out and then wondered, Did I turn off the gas?" His mom said, "I have such a simple solution for you. Just grab a yellow Post‐it, write 'Did you turn off the gas?', and stick it on your door. You'll see it every time you go outside." Jonah said, "I've tried that. But because the Post‐it's always there, you get used to seeing it, and eventually you ignore it. It blends in with the door. No, I need a 24‐hour surveillance camera, aimed at the stove, that I can operate with my smartphone." His mom said, "Or just change colors every day!" 4.8


958. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.